Sherwin Williams makes a Pro Industrial High Performance Epoxy paint

Sherwin Williams makes a Pro Industrial High Performance Epoxy paint that is perfect for use in commercial buildings and industrial sites. It must be applied quickly before it starts to harden. It is extremely well suited for areas which will get wet because it holds up well plastic clothes hanger to water after it is allowed to dry. Even though this product is tough and durable this process will have to be done every couple of years as the sand and plastic starts to get knocked off. The paint is so tough it is even used on appliances to dramatically change the appearance of a kitchen.

Not only it will prevent an accident from happening, but a law suit as well. For stairs made out of concrete and wood on commercial and residential applications, using epoxy mixed with sand or small plastic granules will give you a rock hard anti skid finish for those really wet, snowy, icy days. This type of paint is used for many marine purposes and in certain circumstances can even be applied under water.

Choosing the right paint for the project is critical to making sure that the surface can hold up to the heavy traffic that comes through the door. Epoxy paint should be applied by a professional painter because it can be very difficult for an amateur to work with. One drawback to the epoxy paints is the price. Many organizations are turning to epoxy paint for commercial uses. Epoxy paint is an oil based paint which will require paint thinner to clean up. The company says its low odor, low VOC qualities make it an ideal paint for architectural applications and maintenance environments. The bottom of many boats is painted with an epoxy that includes Teflon.Epoxy Paint Can Handle Heavy Traffic Painting a commercial property or warehouse is a major endeavor that you do not want to have to repeat any time soon. It comes highly recommended for cafeterias and laboratories where abrasion resistance is critical.

It can sell for as much as $100 a gallon which is another reason you want to hire a professional for your job because you don t want to waste the product. Epoxy paint is sold in two separate containers which are mixed together at the time that you are ready to apply it to the surface that is to be painted. You will find that it bonds incredibly well to the surface and leaves a very tough finish that can be scrubbed and still look good. Because it holds up well to water it is an excellent choice for bathrooms or commercial kitchens.

This process is a must for stairs where the public is walking up and down, such as schools and outdoor stadiums. The paint will bond well to most surfaces and will harden for a very tough protective coating. . One problem with epoxy paint is that it tends to yellow if it is continually exposed to the sun. The most common use for epoxy paint is on industrial floors and garages. Epoxy is defined by Websters as a liquid like plastic with an added catalyst that causes a chemical reaction which allows it to dry to a hard finish

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